Redstone Machinery LLC



Blooming, Billet and Heavy Section Mills
Blooming Mills, Billet Mills, Heavy Section Mills, Heavy Rolling Stands, PSW Roughing Mills, Heavy Rolling Stands

Bar Mills, Light and Medium Section Mills
Complete Bar, Light and Medium Section Mills, Bar Mill Stands

Rod Mills and Rod Mill Components
Complete Rod Mills, Monoblocks, Laying Heads, Stelmore Conveyors, Coil Forming Chambers, Rod Mill Compacting and Tying Machines, Coil Conveyors

Bar and Billet Shears and Saws
Stationary and Rotary Flying Hot Shears, Hot Saws, Cold Product Shears

Miscellaneous and Related Equipment
Reheating Furnaces, Furnace Charging and Discharging Equipment, Hot Descaling Equipment, Cooling Beds, Roller Conveyors, Transfer Tables, Manipulators, Loopers, Special Hot Rolling Mills, Hot Bar Coilers, Controlled Bar Cooling Equipment


Drawbenches and Combined Drawing Lines
Bar Drawbenches, Combined Bar Drawing, Straightening and Polishing Machines, Other Components of Drawbenches and Combined Drawing Lines

One and Two-Plane Bar and Shape Straighteners, Rotary Bar Straighteners, Gag Presses, Straight-and-Cut Machines

Peeling, Grinding and Polishing Machines
Bar Peeling and Shaving Machines, Bar and Billet Grinders, Polishing Machines

Related and Auxiliary Equipment
Rod and Rebar Bending Equipment, Rod and Bar Coating and Galvanizing, Pay-offs and Take-ups, Shot Blasting Equipment, Mechanical Descalers, Bar and Rod Pointers, Cold Bar and Rod Rolling Mills, Flattening and Shaping Lines, Turksheads, Swagers, Cold Bar and Billet Shears and Saws, Continuous and Batch Annealing, Rod Pickling Lines, Entry and Exit Tables and Conveyors, Bar Feeding Equipment, Chamfering Machines, Packaging Equipment, Testing Equipment, Bullblocks and Inverted Drawing Machines, Wire Machinery

Hot Strip Mills, Plate Mills and Cold Strip Mills
Hot Strip Mills, Slabbing Mills, Hot Sendzimir and Planetary Mills, Plate Mills, Steckel Mills, Slabbing Mills, Hot Edgers, Tandem Cold Strip Mills, Reversing Cold Strip Mills, Non-reversing Reduction and Temper Mills, Cold Sendzimir Mills

Flat Product Rolling Mills - Related and Auxiliary Equipment
Roll Grinders, Coil Cars, Descaling and Scarfing Equipment,  Slab Reheating Furnaces, Pickling Lines, Rolling Mill Tension Reels, Downcoilers, Cooling Beds, Belt Wrappers

Coil and Plate Processing
Strip Coating and Painting Lines, Hot Dip and Electrolytic Strip Galvanizing Lines, Uncoilers and Recoilers, Upenders, Coil Tying and Packaging, Bending Rolls, Edge Crimping and Processing Machines, Roll Forming Lines, Embossing and Corrugating Lines, Coil Buildup Lines, Batch and Continuous Strip Annealing, Coil Cars, Strip Accumulators, Strip and Slab Grinding Equipment, Hot and Cold Strip and Plate Levelers, Tension Leveling Lines, Stretcher Levelers, Strip Processors

Forging Presses and Manipulators
Close and Open Die, Mechanical and Hydraulic Forging Presses, Manipulators for all types of Forging Equipment

Forging Hammers and Rotary Forging Machines
Forging Hammers - all types, Horizontal and Vertical Rotary Forging Machines

Other Forging and Related Equipment
Forging Rolls, Upsetters, Ring Rolling Mills, Ring Blank Presses, Reheating Furnaces, Heat Treating Equipment

Seamless Tube Manufacturing
Billet and Tube Reheating Furnaces, Iron Pipe Casting Machines, Extrusion Presses, Gas and Induction Billet Reheating Furnaces, Piercing Mills, Plug Mills, Elongators, Stretch Reducers, Push Benches, Assel Mills, Piercing Extrusion Presses, Hot and Cold Pilger Mills, Continuous Tube Rolling Plants, Cooling Beds, Hot Saws

Welded Tube Manufacturing
ERW and TIG Tube Mills, Spiral Pipe Mills, SAW Tube Forming and Welding Lines, Flying Shears and Saws, Strip End Welding Machines, Welders

Tube Drawing Equipment
Tube Drawbenches, Combined Drawing Machines, Tubeblocks

Tube Processing and Related Equipment
Tube Straighteners, Facing and Chamfering Machines, Tube Threading, Upsetting Equipment, Tube Benders, Tube Galvanizing and Coating Lines, Heat Treatment, Re-cutting Lines, Hydrotesters and Expanders, Other Tube Testing Equipment, Strip Accumulators, Tube Coiling Equipment, Tube Pointing Equipment, Shears and Saws, Roller Conveyors, Inlet and Outlet Tables

Furnaces and Post-Furnace Treatment
Blast Furnaces, Converters, Electric Arc Furnaces, Induction Melting Furnaces, Ladle Furnaces, Degassing, Furnace Transformers and Substations, ESR, VAR, VIM

Continuous Billet, Bloom, Beam Blank Casters, Continuous Slab Casters, Continuous Strip Casters, Ingot Casting Machines, Ladle Turrets and other CCM components, Non-Ferrous Metals Casting: Billet, Rod, and Tube Continuous and Semi-Continuous Casting Lines, Continuous Strip Casters, Melting and Holding Furnaces

Related Equipment
Scrap Processing Equipment, Dedusting Equipment, Air Separation Plants, Lab Equipment, Hot Metal Cranes, Ladles, Scrap Buckets, Ladle Cars, Torpedo Cars