Redstone Machinery LLC


This is a list of selected projects either completed by NCO or contracted and under completion. 
Detailed descriptions in pdf format are available upon request.

Two 14" Bar Mill Stands with globoid gears for rolls gap adjustment, quick media connecting plates, air-oil lubrication system, on-board stainless steel piping and water cooling system.

New billet transfer system from RHF to continuous mill which will allowing lower furnace discharging temperature with consequent energy savings and lower scale losses.

500,000 TPY Flexible Bar and Light Section Mill.  100 TPH Walking Heart RHF furnace with radiant roof, 18-stand housingless rolling mill arranged in H, V and H/V configuration, in-line thermo-processing system, cooling bed with in-line multi-strand straightening facilities, automatic magnetic stacker for light sections, bar counters, automatic tying and weighing. 

500,000 TPY Bar Mill.  18-stand housingless rolling mill H/V, in-line thermo-processing system, hi-speed bar delivery system, and automatic cutting to length, bundling, tying and weighing area.  The mill is designed to roll 150 mm (5.91") billets to rebar diam. 8 - 40 mm (.315" - 1.57") at speeds up to 25 m/s (4,921 FPM).

Upgrade of a 108 m (354') NCO Cooling Bed.  Replacement of the transmission system.  Work performed during planned vacation shut-down.

New Controlled Cooling Conveyor and complete coil handling system with ancillary equipment.  The line will be able to handle coils up 2.5 MT (5,512 lbs.) with rod diam. from 5.5 to 16 mm (.217" - .630") at a production rate of 80 TPH.

400,000 TPY Bar Mill.  Designed to fit a limited area this mill features housingless H/V rolling train , in-line thermo-processing system, hi-speed bar delivery system, and automatic cutting to length, bundling, tying and weighing area.  The mill is designed to roll 130 mm (5.12") billets to rebar diam. 8 - 40 mm (.315" - 1.57").

Rolling Mill Upgrade.  NCO supplied 100 TPH reheating furnace, continuous roughing, intermediate and finishing mill with CTS H/V stands, 650 MT product shear.  The plant rolls 240 mm (9.5") blooms to bars diam. 20 - 120 mm (.79" - 4.72").  Capacity is 500,000 TPY.  Bars are mainly supplied to the German, Italian and French automitive industry.

100 TPH Complete Bar Mill Plant.  Reheating furnace, 18-stand continuous H/V double or single strand rolling mill, in-line thermo processing, hi-speed and low-speed delivery system, cooling bed, bundling, tying and storage, laboratory, roll shop, water treatment, complete automation.  The mill rolls 130 mm (5.1") billets into rebars: 8 - 40 mm (.315" - 1.57"), rounds 12 - 25 mm (.472" - .984") and squares: 10 - 25 mm (.394" - .984").

Garret Coiling Line. The line includes bar transfer from the mill delivery conveyor, double Garret coiling station, coil forced air or retarded cooling conveyor, quenching tank, coil tying and delivery equipment.  The line is used for rounds, hex, square and flat products. 

250,000 TPY Bar Mill.  45 TPH walking heart RHF reheating furnace, 3-hi roughing mill, 18-stand continuous rolling mill, in-line high efficiency thermo processing system, cooling bed with delivery system, automatic cutting, bundling, bending, tying equipment.  The mill rolls 130 mm (5.1") billets into 5.75 - 40 mm (.226" - 1.57") rebars and rounds.

600,000 TPY Bar Mill.  90 TPH reheating furnace, 20-stand H/V rolling mill designed for low temp. rolling, in-line thermo processing system, high and low speed delivery systems, automatic cutting, bundling, bending, tying equipment, roll shop, cranes, water treatment plant.   150 mm (5.9") billets are rolled to 8 - 40 mm (.315" - 1.57").

300,000 tpy Bar and Wire Rod Mill.  This mill rolls 130 mm (5.1") billets into straight bars 8 - 20 mm (.315" - .787") and wire rod 5.5 - 12 mm (.217" - .472") in coils.  The supply includes 60 TPH reheating furnace, 3-hi rougher, 12-stand continuous horizontal rolling mill, cooling bed with hi-speed bar delivery, 8-stand wire rod block, coil forming cooling and compacting line.

Upgrade of the existing wire rod mill for the production of 5,5 mm to 16 mm diameter special grades with a final capacity of 120 t/h.  The mill features 120 TPH walking beam RHF reheating furnace, 18-stand H/V rolling mill and a rod block with max. speed of 120 m/s (23,622 FPM).

High speed bar delivery system.  Installation of the retractable twin channel with new brake system and upgrade of the cooling bed allowed for increasing delivery speed from 14 m/s (2,756 FPM) to 24 m/s (4,724 FPM).

200,000 tpy complete mill for the production of special grade steel  bars.  Delivery included 45 TPH walking heart reheating furnace, 2-hi reversing roughing mill, 10-stand continuous V/H mill, cooling bed, cold shear and saw, automatic magnetic stacker, separate cooling bed for large rounds.  The mill rolls 220 mm (8.66") blooms into rounds: 20 - 180 mm (.79"-7.09"), squares and hex: 20 - 80 mm (.79"-3.15") and flats: 50x10 mm - 140x30 mm (1.97"x.39" - 5.51"x1.18").

300,000 TPY Bar Mill.  The plant is designed for rolling small bar sizes - 8 and 10 mm (.315" and .394") rolled in two strands.  3-hi rougher is followed by a 12-stand continuous horizontal rolling train with last four finishing stands of cartridge-traversing type, in-line quenching system hi-speed bar delivery system with double twin channel, shear, bundling and weighing.

350.000 TPY Bar Rolling Mill.  Complete facility for rolling 130 mm (5.1") billets into 10 - 32 mm (.394" - 1.26") rebar.  65 TPH reheating furnace, 16-stand continuous H/V rolling mill, in-line thermo processing, 54 m (177') cooling bed, cold shear, packaging and storage facilities, complete automation, water treatment plant.

500,000 tpy SBQ Mill.  The mill rolls 250 mm (9.84") and 300 x 400 mm (11.8" - 15.7") blooms to rounds: 60 - 150 mm (2.36" - 5.91") and flats up to 200 x 50 mm (7.87" x 1.97").  It features 100 TPH walking beam reheating furnace, 850 mm (33.5") reversing rougher, 8-stand continuous H/V mill, hot saw, two cooling beds and automatic stacker.

New Cooling Bed for 400,000 TPY Bar Mill.  Cooling bed entry roller table with aprons, start-stop type, equipped with magnetic brakes, new 66 m (217')cooling bed, exit tables.

900,000 TPY Bar Mill.  110 TPH walking heart reheating furnace (140 TPH with hot charging), 18-stand continuous H/V rolling mill, in-line thermo processing for single and double strand, bar low and high speed delivery systems, 78 m (256') cooling bed, cold shear, two automatic packaging lines.  The mill rolls 130 - 160 mm (5.1" - 6.3") billets into 8 - 50 mm (.315" - 1.97") bars.

Complete 250.000 TPY Medium Section Mill.  Products: I-beams and channels: 100 - 240 mm (3.94" - 9.45"), h-beams: 100 - 140 mm (3.94" - 5.51") rolled from 130 - 220 mm (5.1 - 8.7") billets.  2-hi blooming mill, continuous mill with six universal and three edging stands, 50 m (164') cooling bed, bundle stacker, straightening and sawing machines, automatic tying and weighing.

Bar Cooling, Finishing and Packaging for Merchant Bar Mill.  Cooling bed, in-line multi-strand straightener, cold shear, automatic stacker, tying, weighing and storage equipment.  Products include equal angles: 20 - 60 mm (.787" - 2.36"), squares: 8 - 60 mm (.315" - 2.36"), flats: 12x3 - 40x6 mm (.472"x.118" - 1.57"x.236") and rounds: 8 - 32 mm (.315" - 1.26").

Installation of new Electrical System and Automation Control.  Removal of old system, installation of new ABB AC and DC drives, MCC panels, remote I/O stations, PLC, Profibus and Ethernet networks, control pulpits, etc.  The project was completed within a 2-week standstill.


350,000 TPY Semi-Continuous Section Mill.  75 TPH Reheating Furnace, 800 mm (31.5") Reversing Roughing Mill, 9-Stand (6 Universal + 3 Edging) Continuous Mill, 66 m (217') Cooling Bed, In-Line Straightening, Automatic Stacker, Automatic Tying and Weighing.  This mill rolls 130 to 200 mm (5.1" - 7.8") billets into 100 - 220 mm (3.94" - 8.66) I-beams, 100 - 200 mm (3.94" - 7.8") Channels and 100 - 140 mm (3.94" - 5.5") H-beams.

Bar Mill Upgrade.  Introduction of slit rolling at finishing speeds brought up to 25 m/s (4,421 FPM).  Two convertible double driven finishing stands, in-line thermo processing, low-speed start-stop shear, hi-speed delivery system with hi-speed start-stop shear, bar brake, double twin channel, cold shear, mill motors, roll changing.

Bar & Wire Rod Mill Upgrade.  Capacity increase to 120 TPH by hot charging system, horizontal and convertible finishing stands, automatic quick stand changing system (10 min.), vertical loopers with shears, in-line thermo processing system, double twin channel with brake, hydraulic, lubrication and greasing, level 1 and 2 automation, drives, know-how.