Bar Drawbenches, Combined Drawing Machines and their components, Wire Drawing Machines, Auxiliary Equipment

40 Ton Bar Drawbench ​    


Pulling Force: 40 MT (88,185 lbs.)

Material - Steel Round Bar

Max. speed: 30 m/min (98 FPM)


Max. Bar Length: 12,000 mm (39'4")


Main Drive: 155 kW DC


Line components:

  • Bundle Loading Lifting Cradles

  • Loading Table

  • Inlet Roller Conveyor

  • Hydraulic Push Pointer

  • Drawbench


Note: No discharge conveyor or bar support, no drawbench electrics

Schumag KZRP 4B Combined Drawing Line ​    


New: 1995 / 2019

Rounds: 18-59 mm (.71" - 2.32")

Hex up to 45 mm (1.77")

Square up to 38 mm (1.5")

Max. speed: 90 m/min (295 FPM)

Pulling force: 450 kN (101,000 lbs)


Line components: Double Payoff, RIBI Coil Opener, DISA Shot Blaster,V/H Prestraightener,Hydraulic Push Pointer (2019), Drawbench with Gearbox and Motor, H/V Straightener, Hydraulic Impact Flying Shear, Pinch Roll, 2-Roll Straightener, V Delivery Table, Collecting Cradles, Complete Hydraulics and Electrics, Manuals and Drawings.


The line is available for immediate inspection.

Schumag  KZRP 2B/15 Combined Drawing Machine


New:  1978

Pulling Force  15 metric tons (33,060 lbs.)

Speed:  80 m/min (262 FPM)

Capacity:  Rounds: 10 ÷ 35  mm (.39" - 1.38")


Line components:  Double Pay-off, Coil Opener, Horizontal Prestraightener, Vertical Prestraightener, Shot Blaster, Hydraulic Push Pointer, Drawbench. Vertical Straightener, Horizontal Straightener, Hydraulic Impact Shear, Tube Guide, Ripo Straightening and Polishing Machine, V delivery Table, Chamfering Machine, Electric equipment, Spare parts, Documentation.

Schumag  KZRP IB/8 Combined Drawing Machine


Pulling force:   8 metric tons (17,640 lbs.)

New:   1992

Speed:   max 100 m/min (328 FPM)

Capacity:  Rounds: 6 – 22 mm (.236" - .866")

                  (square and hex of equivalent section)

Line components:  Double Mandrel Carousel Payoff, Ribi Coil Opener, H/V Prestraightener, 3 turbine Shot Blaster, Hydraulic Push Pointer, Drawbench, H/V straightener, Hydraulic Impact Shear, Tube Guide, Two-roll Straightener, Transfer, Non Destructive Testing Equipment,

Chamfering Machine, Collecting Cradles, Electrics and Hydraulics


The line is available for immediate inspection.

Coil Opening Robot Manipulator     


Manufacturer: Kieserling, Germany

Model: RAB 16

New: 1990

Diameter Range: 10 - 30 mm (.394" - 1.18")

The machine comes with all on board hydraulics.  Typically these would be connected to the hydraulic unit of the push pointer of the line.  Alternatively a dedicated unit can be used (not available) with a joystick operator panel (not included) communicating with the hydraulic unit by radio.

Niehoff M-85 Copper Rod Breakdown Line     


New: 1990; Motors and controls: 2016

  • Niehoff Payoff (uncoiling from two reels)

  • Niehoff M-85 Copper Rod Breakdown Machine:

    • inlet: two rods - each 8 mm diam. -> outlet: two wires: 1.2 - 4.5 mm diam.

    • max finish speed: 31.5 m/sMain Motor: Siemens 510 kW

  • Niehoff Continuous Resistance Annealer:

    • 2 wires diam: 1 - 4.6 mm, max. speed 50 m/s

  • (2) Coilers: Niehoff and Bongard in line:

    • max. speed: 31.5 m/s, Coiling into barrels: 1-2 m H x 1 m diam. x 590 mm core

  • PLC Controls and drives, Complete Filtration Cooling & Hydraulic Systems

The line is installed and available for inspection.

28" VEB Horizontal Bullblock     


Manufacturer:  VEB 

Model:  HZ

Year:  1965

Range:  max Ø18 mm (.71")

Speed:  7 m/min ÷ 80 m/min (23 - 262 FPM)

Pull force:  max. 9 ton (19,882 lbs.)

Main Motor :  45/25 kW, 725/1450 rpm, 380 V, 50 Hz

Capstan diameter:  Ø709,3 mm (27.73")

Traversing Spooler

Coil Car with Upender

Hydraulic Unit


Tecno Impianti 4-Block Wire Drawing Machine     


Manufacturer: Tecno Impianti, Italy

Model: BTR

New: 1991

Inlet Wire Diameter: max. 7 mm (.276")

Finished Wire Diameter: min. 3 mm (.118")

Used for low carbon and high carbon steel wire

Inlet tensile strength: max. 650 N/mm² (145 ksi)

Number of blocks: 4

Motor Power: 44.6 kW per block

Drawing capstan diameter: 550 mm (21.7")

Drawing capstan width: 240 mm (9.45")

Speed max: 6 m/s (1,181 FPM)

Traversing Spooler with 32 kW Motor

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