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Bar Drawbenches, Combined Drawing Machines and their components, Wire Drawing Machines, Auxiliary Equipment

40 Ton Bar Drawbench ​    


Pulling Force: 40 MT (88,185 lbs.)

Material - Steel Round Bar

Max. speed: 30 m/min (98 FPM)


Max. Bar Length: 12,000 mm (39'4")


Main Drive: 155 kW DC


Line components:

  • Bundle Loading Lifting Cradles

  • Loading Table

  • Inlet Roller Conveyor

  • Hydraulic Push Pointer

  • Drawbench


Note: No discharge conveyor or bar support, no drawbench electrics

Schumag KZRP 4B Combined Drawing Line ​    


New: 1995 / 2019

Rounds: 18-59 mm (.71" - 2.32")

Hex up to 45 mm (1.77")

Square up to 38 mm (1.5")

Max. speed: 90 m/min (295 FPM)

Pulling force: 450 kN (101,000 lbs)


Line components: Hydraulic Push Pointer (2019), Drawbench with Gearbox and Motor, H/V Straightener, Hydraulic Impact Flying Shear, Pinch Roll, 2-Roll Straightener, V Delivery Table, Collecting Cradles, Complete Hydraulics and Electrics, Manuals and Drawings.


The line is available for immediate inspection.