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5" Schumag 2-Roll Straightening and Polishing Machine


Manufacturer: Schumag, Germany
Diameter Range: 20 - 125 mm (.787" - 4.92")
Configuration: Horizontal (rolls side-by-side)

Line components:

  • Loading Table with Chain Transfer System and Bar Separator

  • Inlet Roller Conveyor

  • Entry Pinch-Roll

  • Horizontal 2-Roll Straightener

  • Exit Channel

  • Exit Table

  • Electrics and Controls

3" Kieserling WRPH80 Vertical 2-Roll Bar Straightener


New: 1971

Bar Diameter: 10 - 80 mm (.39" - 3.15")

Max. Line Speed: 40 m/min (131 FPM)

Main Drive: 2 x 45 kW, 1,500 RPM Motors

Bottom Roll Hydraulic Compensation

Line  Components:

Entry Table, Entry Channel with Automatic Feed, Entry Pinch Roll, Straightener with Gearboxes and Drives, Roll Change Carriage, Exit Pinch Roll, Exit Channel, Adjustable Cradles, Complete Electrics and Hydraulics, Spare set of new Rolls and Chocks, Miscelenous Spares.

7-Roll Sack Shape Straightener


Manufacturer: Sack, Germany
Application: Straightening of shapes in a single plane
Capacity: Beams up to 340 mm (13.39")
Straightening Rolls: Diameter: 550 mm (21.65")
Distance: 630 mm (25.80")
Configuration: Four over Three
Roll Adjustment: Power, Axial and
Admitted Shape Width: 25 - 440 mm (.98" - 17.32")
Main Drive: 2 x 50 kW at 1000 RPM
Straightening Speed: 52.6 m/min. (170.6 FPM)

The machine is complete with entry and exit equipment.

Bultmann – Dornieden Shape Straightener            


Working Range: Square 20 – 60 mm (.79" - 2.36"), Hexagon: 17 to 60 mm (.67" - 2.36")

Material: Steel grades up to 1,200 N/mm² (174,000 PSI) cold drawn, cold drawn and annealed, cold drawn and tempered, cold drawn and low stress annealed

Bar Length: 3,000 - 7,000 mm (9'11" - 23') 

Straightening Speed:   10 – 60 m/min (33 - 197 FPM) infinitely variable

Straightness: max. 0.5 mm/m (after single pass)

Line Components:

Loading Table with chain transfer, Positive Stop (1x fixed, 1x collapsible), Chain transport, inclined upwards, Chain transport, inclined downwards, Chain transport I, for separating single bars, Chain transport II, for separating single bars, Adjustable Positive Stop, Swedish Arms, Roller Conveyor with profile rolls, Turning Device, Profile straightener, Roller Conveyor, Transversal pusher, Testing bench, Chain Transport, Pusher, Collecting Pocket, Electrical Equipment.

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